Deurali to Annapurna Basecamp

    Rockingthisworld - Nepal - Deurali

    After a good 10 hours in our sleeping bags, we had breakfast at 07:00, and started walking 40 minutes later. Today we had a gradual increase in altitude all day – a nice variation from the roller coastery up-down-up-down treks the previous days. We keep a very leisurely pace all day. Partly to let our bodies slowly adjust to the altitude, and partly because one of our travel companions, Mirela, was quite dizzy (had started in Tada Pani). Again, we had wonderful sunny weather and good views in the morning. After a beautiful trek that included crossing a river, finding a cherry blossom three in full bloom over 3500masl, and walking on snow/glaciers, we reached Macchapuchhare Basecamp (3800m) at 10:30. To acclimatize we had a long lunch break here, and didn’t continued on the last little bit of the trek to our main goal until noon. The clouds gradually crawled in around the mountains, merged and eventually settled like a thick, solid white wall around us. Miniature white marbles started falling down around us. It was snowing!! Around 3800m I started getting a light pressuring headache, but by keeping a slow pace, drinking a lot of water (I had to pee three times during the last hour and a half!), and keeping my ears warm kept me moving forward.

    Despite almost zero visibility and heavy snows, we reached our goal: the Annapurna Basecamp at 4170 meters above sea level at 13:40 on April 6th, 2015, a full day before our initial schedule.
    The weather remained foggy, white and snowy all evening. After a cold evening in the common room (despite several layers of woolen, fleece, down and blankets), the four of us settled in our 4-man room around 19:30 with high hopes of clearer skies and views of both a starry sky and the ring of mountains in the morning. Both Maria and I had metal water bottles that we filled with boiling water and brought with us into the sleeping bag. Lovely! We also put our base layer of clothes that we would wear the next morning in the sleeping bag, so they would be nice and warm.

    There is no heating inside, so the indoor temperature is only slightly warmer than outside. During the night the temperature in our room dropped to somewhere between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius.