Rockingthisworld - Ethiopia - Geech

    This day was an acclimatization day, so we would stay in the same camp and just go for a day hike.

    We woke up cold with sore muscles and necks, so even though we packed our day-packs lighter our legs were sooo much heavier today. Fueled our muscles with Haribo sweets, and were very glad we had brought them (and our home-made protein energy bars) since our guide had decided that we did not need to bring any packed lunch to our hike, even though we were to walk more than 5 hours…

    The hike went over large, soft plains with lots and lots of small palm trees. Quite surreal at around 3000 meters above sea level. Apparently goats like to eat them and birds and monkeys love to sit on them. Parts of the trail required balancing on cattle paths/gutters, however, maneuvering our sore legs on the gutters was all worth it when we arrived at the highlight of the day: Miti Gogo at 3926 masl. The view from here is just WOW. Stunning. Best sights we have had of the canyon so far.

    On the way back we met a big group of hundreds of Gelada baboons. We followed them for at least 15 minutes, hanging around in their midst and taking photos. Magical! We stopped by another viewing point of the gorge, Shia. It was also very beautiful, but at that point we were very hungry and tired and wanted to get back to the camp. We appreciated the way home being comfortably sleek downhill on the grass planes. Spent the evening relaxing in the camp and went to bed early.