Ko Phi Phi - beautiful and very touristic island

    Rockingthisworld - Thailand - Ko Phi Phi

    Getting to Ko Phi Phi peer with the sun shining felt like arriving at paradis. We had a charming little bungalow down to the water on the northern part of the beach.

    Up for party? The northern beach is the place to go. A lot of bars battling with electronic music, fireshows and buckets with all kinds of alcohol in it. After a few days we felt like relaxing at the bungalow. This was a challenge though. The one bar trying to play louder then the other made it impossible to enjoy and even sleep.

    The streets on the city center on the island are packed with small shops offering all kinds of cheap cloth (t-shirts, shorts...), souvenirs and people asking you to join all kinds of activities. It was cool to get top the Viewpoint and watch the island from above. Furthermore there were beautiful white beaches walking south east of the Island and the Ko Phi Phi Le tour was great.

    This island is as touristic as it gets. If you are going there on vacation to take some time of relax, you will have to spend some more money getting to a resort along the long beach at the Southern part.

    There are good options from Bangkok. Bus, train or airplane.