Amazing Mount Rinjani!


    Mount Rinjani - The first time I heard about you was in Australia. Some guy told me about his great trek of climbing the second highest volcano in Indonesia. He was so excited. I just had to experience the same!

    Just a few days before the trek I got hit by an motorbike driving into me from behind. I had pain in my back and a toe with some wounds which wouldn't heal. But I wanted this so much and with the spirit of the great people in the group I got some painkillers and went for it.

    I didn't care much reading about the trek - and If I had read about how hard this trek is I would probably not have done it. And many things were not optimal.

    1) I had traveled for 5 month doing no exercise at all, so my body was not exactly fit.
    2) Had no warm clothing like wool. Only jeans, t-shirts and one thin sweater. It was comfortable and hot at daytime when the sun was up shining, but nights were ridiculous cold. I have never frozen as much as I did for 2 nights.
    3) Climbing in worn out sneakers with a big hole in front and a wounded toe. Not a good idea.
    4) I am food allergic - didn't know at that moment - got a lot of food my stomach can't digest.

    But I was determined to do this. The last 300 meters to the summit were awful. Walking steep uphill slipping in volcanic ashes, grasping for air, so much pain... I was wearing my sunglasses reaching the summit and yes, I did shed a tear - happiness!!!

    First travel video up - Taipei101!


    I am excited to get my first travel video up for viewing. The video camera was bought to give my memories an extra dimension. Hope you like it!

    Enjoy the Taipei 101 - Visit Taiwan!