Sinuwa to Jhinudada

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    We started the day with breakfast at 07:00, and started walking at 08:15. We had been promised a four hour trek, and had mentally prepared ourselves for all the steps up to Chomrong. The sun was beaming (again), and we naturally formed four groups. Tara walked first, then Maria and I, and Mirela and her camera last. Our feet were set on the effective pace from the day before, so even though we had a long break at the, according to the Times Magazine, best chocolate cake in Chomrong, we reach our destination in Jhinudada at 10:40 or less than 2.5 hours after departure.

    Our guide Hari-dai knows which guesthoses to pick, and the Jhinu Guesthouse and Rooftop Restaurant, was one of the nicest lodges we stayed at. It was nice having the entire day to relax and sunbathe on the rooftop terrace.

    The Jhinudada village is relatively new (around 15 years old), and was established after they discovered natural hot springs down by the Modi Khola-river. To reach the hot springs from our lodge we had to walk a good 30 minutes steeply down towards the river. Our guide and porters had warned us not to spend too much time in the springs, as our muscles would become too relaxed and it would be challenging both to walk the same steep trail back up, and to keep going the last two days.

    We still wanted to check it out, so after lunch we went down. The entry fee was 50 Rs, which it is totally worth! The surroundings are beautiful, and the hot springs are comfortably warm. The best part was the shower you’re required to take before entering the hot spring pools. It is the same warm water as in the pools, running freely from 3 pipes. Finally a hot shower! With proper water pressure! Even Maria was able to wash her thick mane in it.

    The afternoon and evening was spent relaxing in the lodge. It was a good atmosphere in the courtyard, and Maria and I (who called it a day a bit earlier than the others), could hear the nice sound of people enjoying a drink and good conversations until Hari-dai ushered everyone into bed around 21:30.