Tada Pani to Sinuwa

    Rockingthisworld - Nepal - Tadapani

    Panorama Point Hotel has a great backyard/outdoors breakfast area, which is partly why our guide Hari changed our trekking route. This breakfast area and the option to take a different, slightly longer and more scenic way back down from the Annapurna Basecamp.

    Anyway, we were up and about around 05:30 to experience the sunrise. Again the weather was on our side. Standing in the backyard/breakfast area we felt like we were right next to the mountains: Annapurna South (7219m), Machhapuchhare aka Fishtail (6993m), and Hiunchulli (6441m).

    After breakfast, at 08:15 to be exact, we started the trek of the day. The sun kept shining all day! I'm not complaining, but with the trek being quite steep (first down, then up, then down, and then up again), and even though Maria made me wear SPF 30 (several times), my arms got really sunburnt. Glad we had brought both Aloe Vera and After-sun lotion.

    We walked through several villages, including Chomrong where we had lunch, and got to see some everyday mountain life. We really enjoyed that. Among other things, we saw potato and oat cultivation in narrow terraces on the mountain sides; families; young guys carrying heavy rocks on their heads; small, cute children; beautiful girls; and charming oldies.

    We arrived in lower Sinuwa (2050m) at 16:15. Because of the nice weather, Maria and I got a bit eager and decided to wash our laundry (3 t-shirts, 1 boxer, 1 woolen long-sleeve, 2 sports bras, and 6 pairs of socks). However, the sun suddenly (?!) decided to set, and the clothes – still soaking wet – were hung inside our room with optimistic hopes that they would be dry by morning. Which, of course, most of them weren’t. Not a big problem for us, since we know we were coming back here and could leave some items to dry outside and the lodge staff would keep them for us until we came back, we could strap some of the clothes to our backpacks and allow them to dry while walking. A tip: don’t wash all your clothes at once, unless they’re all made of technical, quick-dry fabrics. Another tip: washing of clothes is not strictly necessary on a trip like this. No one cares if your socks and t-shirt is a bit smelly...

    In addition to a few wet clothes on the clothing line outside our room, we also tried to leave as much other things as possible. Going to the Annapurna Basecamp, the porters need to walk together with us all the time in case something was to happen to one of us. In such event, one porter might have to carry a trekker and the other porter then have to carry all the bags. In other words, the lighter the load the better. We left a couple of carriers/shopping bags behind. Next time we’ll just pack lighter to begin with.