Tikhedhungga to Ghore Pani

    Rockingthisworld - Nepal - Tikhedhungga

    After our standard breakfast of a fried egg and hot (homemade) muesli, we started walking at 8am, with around 10kg in our daypacks. Our minds were set on a hard day’s work today, since our first 2 (point something) kilometers of the day was a 500 (!!) meter climb, or (at least!) 3421 stone stair steps, from Tikhedhunga to Ulleri (2010m). And then quite a few more to reach Ghorepani at 2765 masl.

    The morning weather was fantastic (blue skies and bright sun), which made it a hot but very achievable uphill challenge. We took our time and were actually quite surprised how well it went, not at all like the hardship we had envisioned. After three hours we were at the top, and we celebrated that by buying a nice pendant for Maria from a local lady setting up shop where we had a nice rest.
    We walked for another 3.5 hours through a beautiful forest with rivers, waterfalls, bridges, and the most amazing lotus and rhododendron trees we have ever seen. We knew that we would see nice rhododendrons in bloom this time of year, but not in our wildest imaginations been able to foresee exactly how intense, massive and beautiful the experience would be.

    Once we were well accommodated in the Hungry Eyes Tea Lodge at Ghorepani (2765m), our guide Hari-dai (-dai means big brother, apparently it is not common for Nepalese to address each other by first name only) took out to an vantage point where we had great views of Annapurna South and Mt. Dhaulagiri. The latter, with is impressive 8167 meters, is the highest mountain we could see on our trek.

    Unfortunately it was quite cloudy this afternoon, so the mountains were hiding behind a thick layer of clouds. Only occasionally revealing themselves through small openings in the cloud-blankets, giving us enough hints about their grandness to get us exited, but not enough to satisfy our curiosity.

    We went back to the Tea House, had a nice warm shower and met in the common room to have our dinner. While we were eating, the people around us suddenly got excited and started peeking through the windows. The (almost) full moon had emerged and somehow swept away all the clouds. Under the now clear and starlit sky, the snowcapped mountains stood out and shone in all their glory!