I don´t think I have ever experienced as much as we did during our second day of this trek. Even before the day started, I had a couple of encounters with bushbucks in the darkness. Apparently, we had identified the same place near the camp to get some privacy; But they used it for grassing, I for peeing. :)

    We got to shoot some photo's of a donation, an unexpeted Gelada event and lot more.

    More stories, pictures and stats click on the link above.


    After discussing various destinations with beautiful mountains and trekking opportunities in the fall, we agreed that it was about time I visited Africa and therefore decided on the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. An additional new experience with this choice was camping in a tent for a full week with limited/no bathroom facilities..

    We have no regrets! Lush green Canyons after the rainy season; getting close and watching incredible Gelada baboons - so calm and thoughtfull! Simply unbelivable and breathtaking!


    This spring, one and a half week before the first earthquake hit Nepal, we were privileged to visit the worlds greatest mountain range, the Himalayas. For 10 wonderful days we trekked in the Annapurna Region.

    We are sad to see the effects the earthquake has had on a country and people we have learned to love. We hope the new section on our website with daily notes and pictures from the trip can inspire you to visit Nepal and thereby help rebuild the country! We know, that we will defenitely go again! :-)

    Still to come!
    Section about preparation, gadgets, statistics.


    Mount Rinjani - The first time I heard about you was in Australia. Some guy told me about his great trek of climbing the second highest volcano in Indonesia. He was so excited. I just had to experience the same!

    Just a few days before the trek I got hit by an motorbike driving into me from behind. I had pain in my back and a toe with some wounds which wouldn't heal. But I wanted this so much and with the spirit of the great people in the group I got some painkillers and went for it.

    I didn't care much reading about the trek - and If I had read about how hard this trek is I would probably not have done it. And many things were not optimal.

    1) I had traveled for 5 month doing no exercise at all, so my body was not exactly fit.
    2) Had no warm clothing like wool. Only jeans, t-shirts and one thin sweater. It was comfortable and hot at daytime when the sun was up shining, but nights were ridiculous cold. I have never frozen as much as I did for 2 nights.
    3) Climbing in worn out sneakers with a big hole in front and a wounded toe. Not a good idea.
    4) I am food allergic - didn't know at that moment - got a lot of food my stomach can't digest.

    But I was determined to do this. The last 300 meters to the summit were awful. Walking steep uphill slipping in volcanic ashes, grasping for air, so much pain... I was wearing my sunglasses reaching the summit and yes, I did shed a tear - happiness!!!


    I am pretty excited to do this first post on my website.

    It has been a large project with a lot of challenges designing, learning, programming html, php, css, flash, editing video, choosing the best images and coding all those cool scripts together for this final product. I want to thank all those people out there coding and sharing some cool scripts, which I have used. Check out the "Thank you" section!

    My idea was to create a website for myself, where my memories; some of my diary entries, thoughts, pictures and videos where gathered to immortalize the biggest trip of my life (so far...). One thing led to another and I came to realize that I had experienced so much beauty on my trip. And that beauty had to be shared!

    The website will be updated monthly with new countriess, cities, pictures, videos, and a lot of other stuff. If I can inspire just one person to actually take the time to go out and enjoy life and experience new places on this beautiful planet and feel the best feeling ever = freedom, my mission will be complete!