For many years I was looking for it...


    ...without knowing what I was looking for. Studying and working was all I knew.

    I felt the need for a change. My brother and my friends, Jakob and Andrea, inspired me to travel to somewhere new and far away, and it all started with a 3 week holiday in Thailand with a good friend. Because of the limited time available, we had to make many plans and strict priorities before we left home. I found planning everything in detail a bit stressful - hotels/guesthouses, inland flights, sightseeing, parties, diving... etc.

    Those first 3 weeks were great and I got a feeling while waiting for the return flight in Bangkok: I hadn't had enough! I heard my brother whispering "You gotta do this now! - You haven't got any commitments to anyone".
    I struggled to decide on what to do, but Andrea gave me the courage to do it. I called the airline company the day before departure and postponed my flight home for two and a half months. It was a big step. What was I going to do, where would I go, what was going to happen? Andrea booked a one way ticket with a VIP bus to Chiang Mai for me and I made a rough plan to visit the northern part of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

    I was kind of relaxed, but had a weird feeling being alone in a foreign country with nothing but my backpack. I had no idea about what to do and how to get around... but everything turned out to be really easy! I met a lot of other backpackers and just enjoyed life. Before I know it the two and a half months were gone. But I still hadn't had enough...

    Invitations from Taiwan and Australia made me want to travel longer - I wanted more. It's not free to change flights, so this time I had to find a date on which I was absolutely sure I'd return home. I decided that I wanted to visit Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and finally booked what became the actual flight home four and 4 and a half months later. With the two extensions, my 3 week holiday had turned into a 7 month adventure.

    Meeting people from all over the world, experiencing different cultures, nature, climates, diving, skydiving - feeling free - was absolutely fantastic!

    Two weeks after coming home to Denmark i met my norwegian wife Maria and new adventures started. More destinations will be added on the site.