Annapurna Basecamp to Sinuwa

    Rockingthisworld - Nepal - Annapurna Basecamp

    Hopeful to see a moonlight and starry sky, Maria and one of the other girls, Tara, jumped out of bed around 5am. However, the dawn was already in its very early stages, so there were not many stars to gaze at, but the moon was magical. Mirela and I joined them a little bit later, and we all went out on a snow-dune (they called it a glacier, but it looked more like a snow-dune to us) where it felt like we were standing in the middle of the mountains. The Annapurna Basecamp is like a pit or a cove that is surrounded by a ring of mountains. We had been unbelievably lucky with the weather conditions so far on this trek, and this morning was no expectation. The snowy cloud carpet from the day before had evaporated, and we barely know which way to turn our head as the first rays of sun tipped over the edges of the mountains and begun painting them bright, shiny yellow. Amazing!

    We went back to the lodge for breakfast, before we headed back to the snow-dune to take a look and take some pictures in full day light. On our way down, we stopped by the Basecamp sign for a new group picture – now with majestic mountains rather than a white wall as backdrop.

    Cameras were put down, backpacks put on and we started the long trek back to Sinuwa, where we stayed two nights ago, around 08:45. We had a lot of fun, running and sliding down the snow. A perfect Easter day in the mountains. At Machhapuchhare Basecamp we took off our woolen underwear, and continued in a rapid pace. We reached Deurali at 11:25, filled up our water tanks and hasted along to Himalaya where we had lunch around 12:15. A good hour later, we continued our descent and reached Dovan at 14:20. We met quite a few large groups with tourists walking upwards – and silently thanked our timing. Not that we mind big groups of travellers, on the contrary we are very happy to see people for all corners of the world and in all ages exploring the world, but since we travel at the very beginning of the high season the trek hasn’t felt crowded at all. Had a short break here, and continued towards Bamboo. On our way there it started to rain. First a gentle drizzle, then heavier and heavier. Maria and I had walked ahead of the others and reached Bamboo at 15:05. While I wanted to continue, Maria insisted that we waited for the others. I am glad I listened, because 10 minutes later the sky started bombarding us with hail – a lot of if! We weathered the hail storm together inside a tea lodge. The two other girls had bought warm tea to get their body temperature up, but since that’s off limits to Maria and I due to our allergy diet, we decided to continue moving after 30 minutes to avoid getting too cooled down. ´Until this point we had mainly walked downwards, but from Bamboo to Sinuwa there are some long and steep stairs upwards. The rain had made the air clean and fresh and the temperature very comfortable – not too hot and not too cold. The two of us enjoyed being by ourselves for a change, walking in a decent pace through jungle, forests, and up and down stone stairs. The hail storm must have caused most other people to seek shelter somewhere, because we barely meet anyone for the remainder of the day’s trek. We reached the lower Sinuwa (2050m) at 17:05. In 8.5 hours we had walked the same distance as we had spent two days walking the opposite way, which our ankles and knees let us know that they were well aware of that fact.