Jhinudada to Pothana

    Rockingthisworld - Nepal - Jhinudada

    After enjoying a nice breakfast at the rooftop terrace, we started walking at 07:30. Today’s route went through the villages New Bridge (which is a quite ironic name since we had to cross over the longest and scariest suspension bridge of the entire trip from this village), Landruk and Tolka. We walked quite fast, and reached Tolka at 11:00. Our guide Hari-dai found a superb place, as usual, for us to hang out and relax for a few hours. The place was called Namaste Tourist Guesthouse and Restaurant, and had a big lawn for us to enjoy in the nice sunny weather. After a long lunch here, we went on our way around 1pm and reached our destination, Gurung Guesthouse in Pothana, at 15:15.

    Most of the day we walked on nice forests trails and dirt roads – fantastic!! Admittedly, there was a few steep stairs from Tolka towards Pothana, but that only made us enjoy the nice trails and country roads even more. In fact, this was a very enjoyable day. The trek was easy on the legs, the weather was perfect, the landscape was more open, and we passed through several settlements and saw beautiful and lush agricultural terraces on both side of the valley. April is springtime in Nepal, and the scenery was green, people were planting their crops, butterflies and lady birds were swarming around us, and we even saw a Golden Eagle soaring right below an past us.

    After lunch and for some 30-40 minutes, and old man walked together with us. He had visited his daughter, and was on his way home. He invited us to sit with him and his wife. We did, and we talked and looked at pictures of the Annapurna region for a little while.

    The last section of today’s trek went through a forest area. The ground and air was covered with dried leaves flying off the trees. There had been absolutely no movement in the air while we walked the steep stairs up to the forest area, but up here there was a lovely and much appreciated breeze. It felt and looked exactly like being in a forest during fall, and as such we could count all four seasons experienced during our trek. Spring in the villages, summer on the rooftop terrace in Jhinudada and during some of our walks, winter at the Basecamp, and now fall in the forest. While the sun was still shining when we walked through the forest, we could hear thunder roaring all around us. Very special experience.

    Once we had dropped off our bags at the lodge, Maria and I took a short walk in Pothana, which is a very small village along the trekking trail with some great mountain views. We checked out the local merchandise, aka two-three stalls with souvenirs, and Maria bought a Buddhist bracelet. We caught sight of a few trekkers we had met a couple of times along our trek, and went over to say hi. Just as we stepped into the café they were hanging out in, a fierce hailstorm attached the village. Happy to be inside, we waited there until the worst of it had passed by. The rest of the evening it shifted between heavy rains and dry weather, so we got some glimpses of the mountains at sunset – one last time.
    Unlike the other lodges we have stayed in, this one had a wall-to-wall carpet on the floors. Genius! This was the first time in days we could take our shoes off without feeling that our toes were about to turn to ice. The lower altitude might naturally also have something to do with that, but either way, having a carpet on the floor was an appreciated luxury.