Ko Tao - Chilled and relaxed - but so rainy!

    Rockingthisworld - Thailand - Ko Tao

    We wanted the cheapest transport and we got it. The slowboat from Surat Thani to Ko Tao. Many ventilators were broken and you could nearly turn on your mattress. But wakening with the sun shining in the horizon was worth everything.

    Since I tryed "discover diving - 5 meter" in turkey I allways had the wish to do more. And now was the right time. Ko Tao is well known for scuba diving and the prices are some of the cheapest in the world.

    Taking a class and learning diving was awesome. The weather conditions where against us though. It was end november and the monsoon was there. I have never seen so much rain. Clouds, wind, waves and that much rain are not the best condition for diving. I still remember having this feeling of being in war while hanging on the rope and being swung against each other and trying to avoid hitting the boat.

    Even though I was happy to get certified because I wanted more!