Tha Khek - The loop

    Rockingthisworld - Laos - Tha Khek

    Another special busride! Even if you order a VIP bus you will never know what you get. I got to sit in a completely local bus as the only tourist. It was in the middle of the night with complete darkness outside and no signs. Luckily a passenger could tell me when I had to get off.

    Arriving in Tha Khek to do the loop - ( 3/4 day motorbike trip riding a circle) - I teamed up with Elaina and Liza. We rented bikes at the hostel and got going at about 9.30 to 10. We thought to have enough time and got some descent breaks. Before we knew it, it started to get dark, and being baked in the sun all day it now got really cold. With 3 motorbike lights driving in shorts freezing, with all those insects in the night on Laos poor roads was challenging. If you are planning this trip, drive at 8 in the morning.

    The Konglor cave was amazing, the scale is incredible! 7,5 km long and the height of the cave was jaw dropping. At times, up to 50 meters. Passengers hop into the boat with the maximum of 3 persons and 2 boatman leading lighting the way in this imense huge dark cave. You will have to get out of the boat at times to get across stone passes, so you will get your feet wet. At the end you will have a rest and go back enjoying all again just turned around.